How to monitor temperature on an overset surface during mesh motion?

    • acukrov

      Dear all,

      with this post I would like to ask how to keep point on moving surface during dynamic mesh simulation (Fig. 1) in order to track certain dependent variable in time?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      You can't easily do this as the "point" can't move with the domain. The best approach is to split a cell/facet off the surface in Fluent (use an adaption register and the Separate tool in Domain tab. You then monitor what you want on that facet (it'll show as a separate surface).
    • acukrov
      Dear Mr. Rob thank you very much for your response.
      I did it the following way:
      two cells adjacent to the central point of the object were stored in a separate register (Fig. 1);
      Fig. 1 The cells adjacent to the specimen center were selected in a specific region.
      according to your instruction, these cells were separated;
      the dependent variable may now be tracked using "Report Files" or "Report Plots" options as a Volume average, not anymore in "Calculation Activities" and being exported as cell centered ASCII file at specific location.

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