How to obtain local pressure

    • Chinchedu

      Hi, I'm writing UDF for saturation temperature as a function of local pressure. So, I want obtain local pressure, is it correct to obtain using C_P(cell,thread).

      And I'm a bit confused between operating and gauge pressure. Actually I want to create vacuum pressure of 4000 Pa, so can I give operating pressure as 0 (zero) and gauge pressure as 4000 Pa and will this 4000 Pa become as local pressure.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Static Gauge pressure can be accessed using C_P( cell, thread).
      Gauge status pressure is the pressure being solved. All inputs of pressure im Fluent at boundaries or in UDF fir access are relative to operating pressure. So to get local absolute pressure you need to take static pressure and add it to the operating pressure.
      Your example is correct ­ƒÿÇ
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