How to obtain mean wall temperature for transient simulation in FLUENT?

    • zgao04


      This a transient simulation. To get the time-averaged value, I turned on Data Sampling for Time Statistics during the calculation. Now the calculation is done, and I want to get the area-weighted-average for the wall temperature at a specific wall boundary, but I could not find the variable name for the mean wall temperature, although there a variable named mean-temperature for static temperature. By the way, I used the text command for the post-process, because there is no mean variables in the GUI.



    • Karthik R
      You will have to add the variable using the Data File Quantities menu under "Data Sampling for Time Statistics".
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      If you're in Fluent the data sampling is kept in a separate field,

    • zgao04
      Karthik and Rob Thank you for your reply. But it does not help. I think Data File Quantities are for external applications not in FLUENT as it says. I do see some variables under Unsteady Statistics..., but there are very limited variables, and Mean Wall Temperature is not included.
      Thanks Zhaosheng
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