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How to occupy less space of modal results ? and What are the steps for getting participation factor?

    • dbhattacharj

      Hi All I am new to APDL. I have used these commands in a .inp file to run modal using HPC. One of my issues is the output folder is with rst files are too big(200 GB). I see that if I write "no" after mxpand the file size is smaller but that way the stress data is not generated which I need. Is there any way to make the output small in size without sacrificing stress data?

      My second question is how to generate mass participation factor data from this position?
























    • Rev0
      Hi I don't know a command to reduce the file size, which doesn't mean there is no. But when you're using HPC in combination with the distribution memory mode the Solver creates one rst file per core file0.rst file1.rst and so on and one big file.rst that is the combination of all. If you need to reduce the disc space during the solve you could change to shared memory mode, so only one big rst file is created, but this mode will be slower than distributed!
      The participation factors are listed in the Solver output (.out file). You can just scroll upward.
      Regards JB
    • peteroznewman
      I'm not an APDL expert, so I am just guessing here.
      Don't use
      because it writes ALL the data.
      Go to ANSYS Help and look up the Mechanical APDL Command Reference and read the page on OUTRES.
      I don't know why you want Modal Stress, but if that is what you want, then you would request
      I would instead want Modal Element Elastic Strain
    • dbhattacharj
      @peteroznewman: Thanks.
      I was wondering is there a way to get the lines of commands for this task from workbench? For example, If I run modal solver once its done then evaluate all results, PF etc. All of these tasks supposed to be done by underlying commands in workbench. I wanted to find that command list that has been performed one after another in workbench.
    • peteroznewman
      After you have a model finished in Mechanical, click on the Solution branch of the Outline and on the Solution ribbon you will see a Write Input File button. Click that and all the APDL commands will be written to a text file using a Save As dialog box so you know what the file is called and which folder you are saving in. The normal extension for these files is .inp but it is just a text file so you can call it .txt if that makes it easier to open in a Text Editor such as Notepad++.
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