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how to open DesignModeler

    • wh05

      Hi, I am a beginner of ANSYS and recently installed the "ANSYS Student" from this website.

      My question is how to open DesignModeler?

      I can only find SpaceClaim. My procedure is open workbench, then "Static Structural", "Geometry", and then it will come out "SpaceClaim", but not "DesignModeler",

      Do I need to download any other softwares?

    • JakeC
      Ansys Employee

      Hi who05,


      If you RIGHT click on the Geometry cell, is Design Modeler listed there?


      You should not need to download any additional software.


      Thank you,



    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      If you right click on the 'Geometry' , does it have an option to open DesignModeler ?

      If that works, there is also a setting in Workbench to set which one is the default geometry editor application: Tools -> Options -> Geometry Import -> Preferred Geometry Editor

      Hope this helps.



    • wh05

      Thanks, it works!

    • FzHo



      It is a really very interesting question, that ANSYS set the Spaceclaim as Default Geometry Software.

      I can not understand why would do it ?


      I think, Spaceclaim is a CAD Software, but DesignModeler is good at pre-setting for CAE.

      For Example we can set Symmetry in DesignModeler but not in SpaceClaim.


      The other aspect is, that Spaceclaim has a totally different CAD Language, CAD Thinking and Operate,

      It is also different from other CAD Software Like UG/NX, for me it is difficult to use.


      So Why would you change it?


      Best Regards




    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It's a bit more complicated than that. 

      Both tools have sketching functions, solid body creation etc. DM uses a parametric tree structure where as SCDM (SpaceClaim) doesn't. Initially this made DM better for creating and altering geometry that's created just in the Ansys tools. However, where CAD is imported it's less useful and can make clean up more difficult: SCDM is better for that, and tends to be significantly faster for large models.You're unlikely to see the speed effect on Student as the models are smaller (ie less faces). 

      After several releases many commercial users use either tool for either purpose depending on what is available and preference.  SCDM gets more development effort and has better links into Fluent Meshing (I cover Fluent as part of the technical team) so is probably the better tool to learn at present. But also remember that Ansys is CAD agnostic so more often than not are using models created in one of the more commonly used CAD tools. If you weren't aware many large companies have a large CAD team with a smaller simulation team taking models from the CAD Engineers. 

    • Emilie Savin

      I just downloaded Ansys mechanical , but unfortunately I cannot open the Design modeler by Double Clicking on the geometry. It is also not an option when I click right.
      my preferred geometry editor is set as design modeler. 
      What can I do ?

    • Kishan Konannavar
      Ansys Employee


      It could be because you are clicking on the geometry that is linked to another geometry. Try clicking on the parent geometry


    • Léon TOGBOE

      Hello !

      Am a beginner in Ansys.
      I meet a problem who stop my progression !
      When i start workbench, and i choose geometry, i have not a possibility to select Spaceclaim or DesignModeler !

      Thanks to help me please !

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