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how to open SendCommand in Ansys

    • Mrjiang

      i want to export the script/command that ansys has behind the software when I am using WB to create my model. I was only able to record the script but it doesn't give more information or details about what I am actually doing in each workspace. I did a small search and found that "SendCommand" can help me export more information compare to recording the script but I couldn't find how to operate it. Does anyone have a clue of how to export more script/command from ansys WB?

    • Karthik R


      Thank you for your question. Have you looked into the WorkBench Users Guide? I'd like to particularly point you to the section on 'Using Journals and Scripts'. There is a specific section on 'Recording and Playing a Journal'. I hope this helps you in your purpose.

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,


    • jthuong
      Ansys Employee

      @Kremella: This question does not seem to be related to "Embedded Systems" so maybe it could be relocated to the correct category? Maybe Systems?

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