• federicoalfi

      Hi everyone, I'm a mechanical engineering student who's working on the master thesis using the workstation of my university. I'm currently working with 12 cores in parallel but the simulation time of my project  in Fluent (a cooling system for a battery module: 3.700.000 elements) still be around 18 hours. The RAM occupied by the project is around 5GB. The head of faculty's licenses suggests me to use the following commands:


      I tried to write them in the Fluent's prompt, but it does not recognizes the commands. Moreover, searching in a lot of forums, seems those commands work only in the structural software of Ansys. Have I write them in another part of the program? In some prompt in Workbench?

      In any other case, can you help me to optimize the calculus of my project? I'm using a research academic license of Ansys 18.2.

      Thanks you in advance

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Upgrading to a newer version will add some speed, as will using more cores (if you have hardware & licences to support this). Other options include use of symmetry to reduce the domain and reviewing the models to see if you need everything you have switched on. 

      I've never seen those commands before, so no idea what they're supposed to do. 

    • federicoalfi

      Unfortunately I can only use the license of my university (Sapienza of Rome), that is the version 18.2, because the student version of Ansys 19 limits the number of elements to 30.000. Since I model the battery module through the MSMD Battery Module present in Fluent, the temperature distribution of the batteries is non-uniform, so I cannot use any simmetry condition. I think there is a way to give more RAM to each core in order to increase performance, I've to find the way to do that.

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