Process Integration and Design Optimization

Process Integration and Design Optimization

How to optimize design by importing Excel into OptisLang.

    • Byeongchul Lee
      hello everyone.
      My current situation is as follows:
      For example, there are three variables for the dimensions (mm) of the model.
      And I will use Optislang for optimized design.
      And I will use the results from other analysis programs.
      (Not directly linked to “optislang”.)
      What I'm curious about is:
        Does Optislang present the “number of cases” for the three variables?
      (for example, 5mm, 6mm, 2mm / 5.1mm, 6mm 2mm / 5mm, 6.1mm, 2mm ......)
      (In the past, I used Minitab to derive the minimum number of cases using an orthogonal array table. In "Optis Lang", the number of cases seems to be derived by some algorithm rather than an orthogonal array table.
      I just want to see the table with that "number of cases", not the concatenated analysis.)
      if it is possible,
      After substituting the “number of cases” into another analysis program and deriving the analysis value,
      I will organize these results in Excel along with the number of cases.
      I would like to connect this Excel data to “Optislang” to find the optimal design point.
      If there is a tutorial for this please let me know.
      (This is the same process I used to use "MiniTab" in the past.
      I would like to similarly reproduce this using Optislang.)
      In other words, I want to do an optimized design by importing the values (number of cases + analysis result values) organized in Excel into “optislang”.
    • Markus
      Ansys Employee


      usually optiSLang automates the CAE process (you mentioned an analyses program).
      If you CAE process is within Excel, you find a Tutorial for this here:
      Sensitivity Analysis of a Coupled Function in Microsoft Excel (
      optiSLang triggers the Process to be executed and gets back it results.  

      You rather seem to have data at hand and want to read a full set of different design in one sheet to optiSLang.
      For that, I would recommend using the Text Import Wizard ( . So, you may save your Excel sheet as a .csv file and then use the Wizard.

      I hope this helps.

      • Byeongchul Lee

        Thank you for your reply.

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