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How to plot field overlay of X component of Mag_B?


    • H2020


      I am trying to see the magnetic field distribution on a sheet for a simulation model right now. However, the Mag_B that is plotted contains all components. Is there a way to only plot Mag_B with the X, Y or Z component?



    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      you can create a polyline as the circular path (OR any path you want) first -> use field calculator to create named expression Bx
      In field calculator, Input: Quantity->B
      Vector: Scalar?->ScalarX
      Add..->Type the name as "Bx"

      Create a field report-> select the circle(or the path you crated) in geometry ->add Bx from Calculator Expressions->New report
      Regards Navya
    • H2020

      Thanks for the reply. I followed your instructions and plotted a field overview of the scalar X component. Is is necessary to apply the smooth() and Mag() commands to your code as well? Since those are the operators used on the Mag_B expression as well.
      Best H2020
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