How to plot heat flux at interface?

    • ANSYSuser12

      I am currently using ANSYS Fluent (student version) to simulate the solidification of a metal in a crucible (which is being cooled with a high heat transfer coefficient) and I was wondering if I can get the heat flux over time at the interface between the liquid metal and the inner wall of the crucible.

      I tried plotting a total heat transfer rate graph using the report definitions but it's showing that there is 0 heat flux at the contact regions and I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or if I had to use something else to accurately plot heat flux?

    • Karthik R
      If you are using the solidification-melting model, you could assume that your interface is an iso-surface where the volume fraction is 0.5. Create this iso-surface after initializing your model. Next, use this iso-surface and plot the area-weighted average of heat flux over time. You could use the parameter - Surface Heat Flux (under wall fluxes). This will give you the plot you are looking for in Fluent.
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