How to plot transmission in through port for ring resonator in lumerical

    • graemebargen


      I would like to know how to plot the transmission from the through-port (port 2 in this case, right hand side) for the ring resonator. I have adapted this design from the example given at to only have one waveguide and two ports (left side in, right side through) however I am not sure how to plot the transmission for port 2 to view its resonance profile after I run the simulation. Here is a screenshot of my setup:

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      Sorry for the late reply! To measure the power output to the waveguide, you could place a 2D frequency domain field monitor over the output waveguide:
      The monitor should be larger than the actual dimensions of the waveguide to measure the tails of the mode profile. You can look at the "transmission" result of the monitor to see the power transmitted through the plane of the monitor as a function of wavelength, normalized to the source power.
      This technique would measure the total transmission through the monitor, including higher order modes and scattered light. To measure the power output to a specific mode, you can use a mode expansion monitor along with the field profile monitor:
      Though, as most of the power will be in the same waveguide mode injected into the input anyway, the first approach with only the field profile monitor is a pretty good approximation.
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