How to prevent Spaceclaim from automatically combining surfaces on import

    • Ben Dietrich

      Hello all,

      I am currently attempting to set up a simulation for simple stress/strain responses to loads on a metal part, however when I import my geometry to Workbench's geometry module (Workbench 2020 R2) and open it up in Spaceclaim, the surfaces that were marked out as the loading areas were combined with the surrounding surfaces. Shared Topology is set to None, and I have opened up the geometry in Hypermesh to confirm that yes the surfaces are there. Does anyone know what is causing Spaceclaim to automatically merge these surfaces, or otherwise how to prevent this from happening? 

      A section of the model opened in spaceclaim;

      The same section opened in Hypermesh;


      Any help figuring this out would be incredibly appreciated, thank you!

    • peteroznewman

      In SpaceClaim, when you do File, Open, the dialog box has a check mark next to Improve imported data.

      Did you try unchecking that?

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