How to properly compute the phase of a meta atom?


      Dear all,

      I have tried to compute the phase and the transmission of a meta atom (cylinder) as a function of its radius and the periodicity of the metasurface.

      To do that I use the following configuration :

      • meta-atom height = 220nm
      • source wavelength = 532nm
      • source position = 1150nm under the substrate surface
      • monitor position = 1280 nm above the top surface of the cylinder
      • periodic conditions on x and y
    • bamboo

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      "transmission map is greater than 1" is usually due to not run long enough, or PML reflection.
      using "S-parameter" analysis group is to remove the propagation phases from the source to the front and back surfaces and to the monitor:
      Metamaterial S parameter extraction
      If you move the monitor locations the phase may change a little due to numerical errors such as numerical dispersion and interpolation. Using finer mesh can reduce the errors.
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