how to put analyte solution on an SPR based optical biosensor


    • AbhinavArun

      Actually I am trying to simulate an SPR based biosensor on lumerical FDTD for the detection of avian influenza virus. Sir, through the simulation, I am expected to put an analytical solution on top of the biosensor for an easy detection of the above virus, and that analytical solution should consist of some receptor-ligand interaction. 

      So, my question is how we would select the refractive index of the analytical solution(or from where we can get the information about the refractive index of the solution) and on what basis, a particular kind of analyte containing receptor ligand should be decided?

      If possible, please help me clear my doubts.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      So your question is how to find the refractive index for any kind of analyte containingreceptor ligand, right?
      Unfortunately we have no such material data. I guess it is a small perturbation to the host material index. Please find some information online or from some reference papers. Once you have them, you can directly assign it to a geometry if it is a single value, or import the data from a file: Creating new sampled data materials in FDTD

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