3D Design

3D Design

How to realize 3D passive components (such as R, L, C) in HFSS

    • rohit0308


      I want to design passive components such as R, L, C etc. in HFSS in 3D. I can design a plane in HFS and assign it boundary condition such as R, L, C but this will not serve my purpose. While searching for the same in internet I found the following pdf (attached) where it is mentioned to design a 3D structure and use ".a3d" file. This has also been shown in a video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwGN0mAn6fw where it is explained how to design a SMA connector. But how can I realize the passive components in 3D? Could you please help me in this regard? Will the process remain same if I want to realize any transistor? Kindly suggest any suitable pdf or links etc.



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