How to release a certain number of particles (using discrete phase model) in FLUENT?

    • douniaextra1
      Hello eveyone
      I'm trying to simulate dust deposition on a solar PV system mounted on an isolated building shown in figure below.

      They release 100000 dust particles with a diameter of 50micro metre. But in the DPM panel there is no place to insert the number of particles, please can somone help me in this I appreciate any comments or answers from you
      Thanks in advanced
      Best wishes
    • Karthik R


      When you select a surface under injections, Fluent will inject a particle from every face on this boundary (surface). 

      If you want more number of particles, check this option under 'Turbulent Dispersion'.

      When you specify the number of tries, this will inject these many particles on every single face of your injection surface.

      Hope this helps.



    • douniaextra1

      Hello Karthik,

      Thanks for replaying on me, I really appreciate it,

      so... the number of tries is the number of particles!!

      Actually, I tried it and the number of particles tracked was 45 but I entered 100 particles

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