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How to remove blank graph figure in report generated by ANSYS?

    • tyyang

      Hi there,

      I have basic static structural analysis and I used Report Preview in ANSYS to automate the report generation. But for result plots, they are not shown in the report. Instead, only a blank graph and tabular data are included in each solution. Does anyone know how to remove this graph?

    • Saumadeep
      Ansys Employee

      The plot shown here is not blank. This is a Stress V/S Time plot and since your analysis involves static loading, hence the "point" on the stress axis (Y-axis) shows the MPa being applied.
      If this had been a transient analysis, you would have seen the stress vary w.r.t time.
      For more details related to Report Preview, please see this link - Report Preview (

      Regards, Saumadeep
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