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How to remove stair-stepping in meshing

    • leosibarani1

      Hi everyone, i need some help in my mini project that is to simulate the PEMFC model.

      I have a problem of stair-steppping as the picture i show here. I need to know how to remove this stair-stepping in my volume mesh. For the invormation, i tried to reduce the number of cells generated in volume mesh by made a local sizing in some area which made the higher of face size in surface meshing. Before i did the local sizing i got 24 locations of stair-stepping, and after local sizing i got 28 locations of stair-stepping. I also use share topology in this case.

      Thank you in advance, your advice will be very meaningful for me.

    • Muhammad Rizky Pratama Hakim

      Hello Leo,

      Usually, the easy way to remove stair-stepping mesh is to reduce the element size of the surface mesh because stair-stepping size usually occurs in the transition between boundary layer mesh and outer mesh.

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