How to run coincident boundaries (overset face lying on symmetry plane)

    • puh69


      I have an overset mesh lying flush on the symmetry plane, the overset feature is intended to capture the farfield wake. I have a hemispherical O-grid of the Onera M6 wing with the 8 million cell overset downstream to do so. The flow runs steady at a subsonic compressible Mach no of 0.25. I have successfully ran this symmetry plane test case alone (2D) and the wing without a wake mesh however when I incorporate the overset, the readings of the wake on the symmetry plane are highly inaccurate. Attached is the 2D case with a representation of the 3D meshing. A paraview screenshot showing the skewed data around this point is also given.

      Another query would be whether its possible to mirror this symmetry plane, increase the cell count by having an entirely spherical O-grid and run with the overset that way, bearing in mind the O-grid was imported from a NASA grid creation tool and coupled with the overset created

      via pointwise.

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      Hi We are responding to your question here.
      Thank you.
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