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how to run parallel Mechanical Explicit Dynamics jobs in Slurm via RSM?

    • yeller

      I have a user who can run his mechanical explicit dynamics job on his Windows PC, but cannot run it on our HPC cluster over RSM. If we select just one core, it will work, but multiple cores using either shared or distributed will not work. There is evidence from "top" that an MPI job starts but then it quickly exits. The job logs give no indication of an error. We have tried Ansys 2021R2 and 2020R2, and our cluster is running Centos 7.9 and Slurm 21.08.x. I found this page potentially helpful:

      Potential solutions involve setting KMP_AFFINITY to "none" or "disabled", or to switch to OpenMPI using "-mpi OpenMPI". Can either of these solutions be used via RSM, and if so, how or where?



    • Hunter Wang
      Ansys Employee
      Save RSM job report log file in .html for the failed multiple cores Mechanical explicit dynamics job, upload it, please.
      explicit dynamics doesn't solve in shared memory mode, either in serial of distributed memory mode.
    • yeller
      My RSM job report log is attached:
      This portal would not take my html file, so I renamed it "RSMJob.html.log".
      The log does not contain much, it seems to exit right after the license check. Our user confirmed for me that he was able to run Explicit Dynamics over RSM last summer. Could the license requirements have changed to prevent his job from running on multiple cores?
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