How to save each frame of a part animation as *.jpg format? (Ensight)


    • mxplotlib

      How to save each frame of a part animation as *.jpg format?

      User-defined macros that worked with an older version of Ensight (10.0) not working w/ new version of Ensight (2021 R1) - specifically, involving saving each frame of a part animation as *.jpg format.

      The user-defined macros (Python scripts) utilize flipbook animation and specifies the format as jpg (below); however, when the macro is run (via Toolbox), it is instead saving one blurry *.avi animation.



      Please advise. Many thx!

    • Karthik R
      Hello Between the two versions, it is quite possible that the code might have undergone changes. I should say that it does not surprise me.
      To debug this, what is the error message you are getting? Also, if you manually export the .jpg, are you getting a good image? Just want to eliminate any other underlying issue here.
    • mxplotlib
      Unfortunately, there is no error message when I run the macro (in the GUI command window or the console window).
      When manually exporting the animation as JPG or MPEG4 , it works fine.

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