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How to see in Autodyn fragments pattern for concrete detail?

    • Maarjus
      I am working with the explosion simulation in Autodyn at the moment - mainly with examples at the moment to understand how the program works.
      I really would like to get information about the fragments of the concrete detail after explosion, but right now the elements just disappear. I would like to see fragments flying in the model, see the shape of the fragments and get information about the mass and velocity of the fragments.
      I know that it should be possible, because I have seen pictures about that.
      I would be very thankful for any kind of information what would help me further.
      Best Regards  
    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Please see these 2 discussions:

      Discussion 1

      Discussion 2

      Once you simulate, you can view the deleted nodes using View>Eroded Nodes. If a fragment is not deleted from the simulation, you always probe the velocity from the solution?


    • Maarjus

       Thank You SandeepMedikonda for your answer.

      Unfortunately still no success. Probably it depends on the material properties to see concrete fragments flying after explosion. I have tried different settings for material and controls, but still my elements in the model just disappear and I do not see detached fragments.

      There must be solution for that or maybe I've misunderstood something and it's not possible to simulate it. 

      It would be very nice if someone from the community, who has experiences with such a problem,  could share his/her knowledge.

      All the best!


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