how to select a ONLY ONE surface from a plane cut


    • Rachad DAOU


      i am doing simple simulattions of pipe with different bend angles to study the pressure drop, and i am measuring the total pressure just before and after the bend directly by creating a plane so i can take a cross section of the pipe at the region i need and integrate this surface to get results. But the PROBLEM is that for bends greater than 90 degree the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe will pass by the same plane (check image attached) and hence the plane done on the inlet pipe cross section i will have two surfaces the one i need before the bend and a part which i do not need from the outlet pipe. How can i only select the the surface i need from the plane to do an area weighted average for this surface only.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You can clip the resulting surface to only include the part you're intrested in: iso-clip on the resulting surface. If you plan the modelling beforehand (always a good idea) you can include geometry splits into the mesh so you're reporting onto interior faces. 

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