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How to set absolute permeability of rock on ANSYS Static (or transient) Structural

    • aminahonicholas


      I'm trying to set the absolute permeability of a rock in my model, but I can't find it in the engineering data section. Please, does anyone have an idea on how I could set absolute permeability in ANSYS Structural model?



    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee
      I might be missing something but as far as I can tell, neither diffusion, coupled structural-diffusion, nor porous media flow analyses are natively supported in Workbench. It appears that these are the types of analyses for which permeability would be defined. For now, I presume you are setting up your analysis using APDL command objects. Continuing under this assumption, the permeability material property would also have to be defined with a command object (please correct me if I'm wrong about this).
      For a pure diffusion calculation, or coupled structural-diffusion analysis used PLANE222/PLANE223/SOLID225/SOLID226/SOLID227 element types, I think leaving Csat (the saturation concentration) undefined causes the MAPDL solver to take the permeability value(s) that you have defined to be absolute rather than relative.

      At present, I don't see a way to define absolute permeability for porous media flow analyses.


    • aminahonicholas
      Thanks Bill for your contribution. I am not directly using a command prompt to setup the simulation. I set up the engineering properties, develop a geometry, setup the simulation (model) and solve the problem. Does anyone follow similar process and have managed to setup permeability in the engineering properties section of the simulation?
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