How to set boundary condition for variation of soil temperature

    • Asif Hassan

      I'm trying to simulate an earth-to-air heat exchanger( air travels through the pipe and exchanges heat with the soil and gets cooler). I'm not quite sure how to implement the changing temperature of the soil in the vertical direction. Do I need to use a UDF to implement the function of some other way? Any help would be appreciated.  

    • NickFL
      It looks like you have set up your model very nicely, where the Y-direction is the depth under surface. Now create a Named Expression for the temperature as a function of Y. You could then apply this as the wall temperature boundary condition. If you are not modeling the thickness of the pipe, you could treat this with a thermal resistance to improve the heat flux estimate of your model.
    • SRP


      You can create an UDF which defines the variation of temperature.

      For more details, you can refer to ansys customization manual: 3.1. Introduction (ansys.com)

      Hope this helps you.

      Thank you

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