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How to set damp in link167 or 180?

    • Hshay

      Greetings everyone! I am a graduate student who majors in LS-DYNA, I was simulating the cable(also as wire, web, rope) with APDL recently, I set up the model with link167 and elastic material, but I found when the rigid ball hit the web, the web just can't stop vibrating, I think there should be damp somewhere or should I change link167 to link180?can you guys tell me how to adjust it and how to use hyperelastic material? Thank you very much!!!

    • jj77

      Not sure what 167 (explict perhaps).


      If you are using APDL nonlinear transient dynamic (implicit)


      You need to add damping in form of Rayleigh damp.:

      E.g. (You need to find the correct values), 



      Just as an example


      For explicit see how damping is defined in LSDYNA say ( I do not have any exp. in Ansys - LS DYNA)

      (e.g., EDDAMP command )

      There is an example about this command and damping in appendix D of the ANSYS LS-Dyna User Guide in Ansys help.


      Perhaps this is of use also


      or in MP, BETD or MP,ALPD command

    • Hshay

      Thank you so much for your reply, I am working on it just as what you say, thank you!!!

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