How to set mass transfer mechanisms in DDPM model?


    • Gloria

      I am trying to build a Dense Discrete Particle Model (DDPM). For that purpose, I have defined a first phase, which is the fluid phase consisting of two components and the discrete phase formed by the injected multicomponent particles. I want to set a mass transfer mechanism between both phases, but in the Phase Interaction > Mass transfer dialogue, in the “From Phase” and “To Phase” drop-downs, the only available phase to select is phase-1 (fluid phase). How can I make the particles available in the drop-downs? Is it possible?

      Any reply will be much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      DDPM is linked into the DPM model more so than it is the Eulerian model. Check the mass transfer isn't handled on the DPM side. 

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