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How to set material and stiffness behavior as rigid in Transient structural by APDL command

    • MatejPorthos


      I have a parametric model in Spaceclaim using Python script. The script is always delete a solids in each components a then build whole model in dependence of parameters. Script also create a name selection which are connected with a mesh, loads.... in Mechanical. This all work. But when I run chain of simulations by Update All Design Points the geometry is successfully updated bud the geometry parts lost their Material assignment and stiffness behavior switch to flexible. The problem with material assignment I am able to solve by switching the "Assign Default Material" in Update Options in Geometry. But the assigned material is always structural steel, it will be better if I could set different material for each part. Maybe it could be possible in SpaceClaim but Mechanical dont want to compute with these these materials even though he show the material selected in SC in Material tab in Mechanical. But the bigger issue is the switching to flexible behavior. Do you have any idea how to set always rigid bodies? I have a idea to make a APDL command for each part where I will be able to set material and mainly the rigid behavior of this part.

      My try is shown in picture, but it doesnt work. I will be very grateful for your help.

      Thank you.

    • yungpv
      Hey, nwere you able to solve this beacause I faced the similar problem.nI could assign the materials by Named Selections but not the Stiffness Behavior.nKind regardsn
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