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How to set specific number of nodes in workbench mesh?

    • schultz wei

      Hey guys, I am using workbench fluent to conduct some CFD project, but now there is a problem.

      I have some models with tiny geometry difference and I want to compare there results, but because of these geometry difference, after meshing, the number of nodes are not equal. So if it is possible to find a way to control mesh result in a specific node number to make them equal to each other? Or is there anyway to make these models have similar nodes number after meshing? Thank you 😀!!!

    • peteroznewman

      You would reach the CFD experts if you posted this question in the Fluids channel.

      I expect they would say that it is not important to make the models have an equal number of nodes.

      What is important is that both models have similar residuals in the convergence criteria and that those residuals are smaller than any differences you care about between these models.

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