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How to set the exported GIF to loop forever in Workbench?

    • Lee

      Hello everyone,

       I encountered a problem when I was trying to export animation file in Workbench “statical mechanical” module, here is the thing:

       After I finished simulation, I clicked the button, which is surrounded by red circle in Figure 1, to export GIF file, and it worked, however, the GIF cannot loop forever, instead, it can only play once and then keep static.

       Is it possible to set the exported GIF to loop forever?

      The corresponding GIF has been also uploaded.(The uploaded GIF cannot display correctly, so I uploaded a animation in MP4 format as substitute)



    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee
      nnYou may google external sources for making looped gifs and use the tools available.nnRegards,nAshish Khemkan
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