How to set triangular non-uniform mesh in FDTD

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      The paper presents a core-shell cylindrical structure with a metal coated. The thickness of the metal layer is 10nm and the radius of the medium layer is 2.49μm. It is mentioned in the paper that FDTD is used to simulate this structure. The mesh of metal layer is 1nm, and the mesh of medium layer and background is 10nm. May I ask how to set this triangular non-uniform mesh in FDTD?

      Figure 1 is the structure diagram given in the paper. Figure 2 shows the grid setup in the paper.
      Reference:Liu, Cheng-Yang, and Kai-Lung Hsiao. "Direct imaging of optimal photonic nanojets from core-shell microcylinders." Optics Letters 40.22 (2015): 5303-5306.

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    • Amrita Pati
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      FDTD doesn’t support triangular mesh, it uses rectilinear mesh.

      DGTD, on the other hand uses triangular mesh in 2D and tetrahedral mesh in 3D. The similarities and differences between FDTD and DGTD can be found in the video linked below:

      Fore more information on DGTD, please visit the following page:


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