How to set up 100% CPU resources for FDTD simulations?

    • ostar


      I am currently using Lumerical trial license for FDTD in order to decide if the research group I belong to buys some licenses.

      Unfortunately during the trails I realized that Lumerical is only using 50% of the simulation PC resources. The specs are the following:

      AMD EPYC 7702P

      256GB RAM

      My doubt is if there is a way to change this? I have already tried following the steps described at:

      Ansys Insight: Determine the optimum resource configuration to run Lumerical FDTD simulations

      LitoMar 10, 2021

      also when I tried to increase the number of threads above 32 I get the following error:

      "HQPD-BABY(process 0): Requested more than the 32 allowed HPC units provided by this license." is this error due to the trail license? or Lumerical is limited to 32 threads?


    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee
      You will need more solve/engine license if you want to run with more than 32 cores. See this article in our KB for details: Lumerical solve, accelerator and Ansys HPC license consumption ÔÇô Lumerical Support.
      Best Lito
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