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General Mechanical

How to set up a gas turbine blade starting from rest and accelerating to design speed ?

    • Jpret99

      Hi all,

      Im wanting to run a transient structural analysis of a gas turbine start-up sequence, specifically focusing on the turbine blade. I've run some CFX to find the surface temperature distributions, but now im wanting to couple that with rotational motion from rest until design speed.

      Right now my setup is by applying a rotational velocity with a single step where the initial velocity is 0, and the final velocity is 3000 rpm. The time step between these values is 8 minutes. So the velocity chart is linearly increasing, giving a constant acceleration.

      Is this the correct way to set up a simulation of a turbine starting from rest until it reaches design speed ? Or am i meant to include more detail in the tabular data setup for the velocity time steps.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      Load application seems ok, as long as timesteps and final velocity are defined correctly you should be good to go.
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