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How to Set Up the Voltage in SOEC Electrolysis?

    • Raúl Sotillo

      This like in the ANSYS Guide is quite confusing:

      Considering an OCV = 0.84V and V_cell = 1.3 V:

      Does that mean that in the Tab of the Anode we set up -1.3V and V_cathode = 0? That would be a V_cell = V_cathode - V_anode = +1.3V, with an OCV of 0.84V (the voltage has to be superior for the reactions to happen)?

      In some other parts of the guide it is recommended to keep Tab Anode = 0V. Should I then set up V_cathode = 1.3 and V_anode = 0?


      Thanks beforehand!


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