how to show/plot the thermal conductivity value in solid domain

    • zgao04

      I am doing a solid/fluid conjugate heat transfer simulation. I defined a temperature dependent heat conductivity for the solid material using expression. I want to check if the definition is correct, so how to show/plot the thermal conductivity value in solid domain? Can somebody tell me how to do that?



    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee

      You can use contours to check the thermal conductivity variation. In contours, select contours of 'Properties' and select 'Thermal conductivity' from the drop down menu. Select the surface of interest and click on compute and display.
      Hope this helps.


    • zgao04
      Nikhil Yes, it seems working. But why there is no expression for me to choose? because the user's guide (I am referring to Fluent 2021R1 user's guide, chapter 5, section 5.3.5. Postprocessing Expressions ) says I can choose expression for the contour plot.
      Thanks Zhaosheng

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