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General Mechanical

How to simulate a rubber material in modal analysis

    • Peter Jonson


      I have a vertical electric motor which rotates at 25 Hz. The motor's  natural frequency is 25 Hz too. I want to simulate a rubber material with additional weight on the top of the motor like vibration damper. I don't know what exactly rubber I will use. Just wanna see if any changes in damping will occur. 

      I know that there are some rubbers material in workbench i can use. 

      My question is should I set up a damping coefficient for these rubbers ?

      I am also wondering maybe someone already performing similar simulation and I would be very interested to get a link.

      Thanks in advance. 


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      Never seen an analysis of exactly this situation.


      You could add damping as that will represent reality the best , but one would need to measure the damping or if it is known from the manufacturer (if they have measured it), etc. Damping is always hard to know I think in dynamic analysis especially for non-metallic material.

      All the best


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