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How to simulate heat transfer (via convection) from a copper canal to a cooling fluid

    • yakumo


      I am not sure if I am doing this right, especially because my analytical solution is quite different, so could you please help me to get this simulated correctly?

      I am trying to model a copper canal of an electrical machine which is directly cooled by a fluid. For a first try I used 2 copper canals (3mmx10mm) with a source term (fitting to the power dissipation through the current with J=40A/mm² and a filling factor of 0.6) and a cooling canal (2,4mmx10mm) in between. The length of the system is 170mm.

      For the cooling fluid I took an oil-like fluid with a starting temperature of 120°=393.15K. I used different velocities from 1 m/s to 5m/s in the cooling canal.

      The result is, that the copper has a difference of temperatures in those 170mm of about 3,7 K with 1m/s and about 1,8K with v=2m/s. The fluid has differences in temperature of 3K with 1m/s and 1,4K with 2m/s .

    • Rob
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      You may want to look at thin walls to add the insulation layer. Check mesh resolution, convergence and materials. The images look OK, but the detail will be critical. n
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