How to simulate PIN Diode in HFSS to use it as switch in rectangular waveguide?

    • RajKumarD

      From Few Discussion i got to know about PIN Diode Equivalent RLC circuit. Then in hfss created 2 cylinder blocks both in contact to each other, then for one cylinder i gave inductance and for other i gave resistance and capacitance for Diode off condition. Similarly for DIode ON condition, for one cylinder i gave inductance and for other resistance. But it is not working as expected. Please need some help to design it.

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee

      You can use the Ansys HFSS and Circuit cosimulation for your design.
      Please go through "Cosimulation Using Ansys HFSSÔÇØ course to learn about how to do cosimulation using Ansys HFSS and Circuit from below link:
      You can design the PIN diode equivalent circuit in the Circuit and connect it to the HFSS design to see the performance.
      Thanks Chinmay
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