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How to simulate relaxation experiment?

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      My experimental model is a solid element at uniaxial tensile test, which is displacement control and the tensile experiment time holded 1.5 hrs. By the experiment data, knowing the behavior of experiment is relaxation. ANSYS provided prony shear series to represent the relaxation behavior, but I want to use the uniaxial tensile data to analyze, How do I use this to do?

      thank you a lot !

    • Bhargava Sista
      Ansys Employee
      Hi, if I understand correctly, you have stress relaxation data that you have used to calculate Prony shear series constants and you wish to simulate this relaxation on a single element model. In order to define viscoelastic behavior, you need
      Elastic constants (either linear elastic model that uses E and nu, or a hyperelastic material model)
      Prony shear relaxation constants.
      If you have uniaxial test data and if it's reasonably linear you can calculate the slope and use it to define Young's modulus. You may find the Poisson's ratio for the material either in literature or in material sheets that are available publicly.
      Once you define both the elastic constants and the Prony constants you can simulate the relaxation behavior.
    • z0983247679
      Thanks ! I try it
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