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How to simulate the melting action of two metals using the VOF model

    • Jian Liu

      Hello everyone, I am using FLUENT software to do numerical simulations of metal dissimilar welding and I am experiencing some difficulties.

      1. If I use VOF to build the model, can I set only two phases (upper gas domain, lower layer stacked with two layers of metal)?
      2.  If a gas-liquid two-phase flow is used, how are the two metal materials below the gas domain set?
      3. Previously, I had simulated the melting of a single layer of metal (setting gas and metal materials), and after initialization, I used the "patch" function to customize the area size of the second phase (i.e. metal phase), when the matrix contains two metal materials, how do I make the two phases one?
      4. I would be grateful for any recovery! Thanks again!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If the solid & melt are the same material have a look at the solidification & melting model in Fluent. With VOF you can have lots of different phases, I'm fairly sure there is a limit but would be very surprised if anyone ever reached it! 

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