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General Mechanical

How to simulate this problem ?

    • Bruno1995

      I read an article that the author simulated this problem statically:




      In the shaft has been radius all 0.003 m in size. He consider AISI 1050 steel with Young's elasticity modulus of 206.8 GPa and Poisson modulus of 0.28, Suit = 690 Mpa, S = 580 Mpa.


      So he did it:



      And your result was:



      I know his results is correct, obviously, but when I try to do the same thing:







      Am I using the correct displacement?





    • peteroznewman

      I can't see if you have your Z axis along the shaft axis. I will assume you do.

      I recommend a first remote displacement at end A that has zero displacement for x, y and z, and zero Rotation about the Z axis, while leaving the rotation about the X and Y axes Free. A second remote displacement at end B that has zero displacement for x and y and all others Free.

      I can't tell if when you scoped your remote force to the center face, if you offset the automatically created Coordinate System that would have been created at the center of that center face to put it at the offset 75/100 mm position along the axis on the center face.



    • Bruno1995

      Thank you so much, you are the best peter. 

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