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How to simulate three-phase current on a busduct in AIM?

    • junyi.lee



      Could you please kindly provide a sample tutorial on this?


      A few customers are interested in simulating direct and also alternating current on a busduct, to measure the temperature of the busduct including the housing, insulation and conductor, as well as thermal elongation of the housing and conductor. I noticed that there are no electromagnetics tutorials available for AIM on this forum?


      I tried to simulate electric DC conduction with thermal and structural physics types included on a sample geometry (file attached). However, as I do not have an electrical background, I am unsure about the setup, and have little clue on how to setup a case with AC.


      After searching for existing answers, I found the topic below and tried to run the file from this topic, but got an error message: "The files shown in Details are missing from the project."

      Discovery AIM: Application Examples: Electro-Thermal-Structural


      Would greatly appreciate your kind advice and/or a sample tutorial. Thank you very much.

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    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi Jun

      Here are few great application examples which deals with electromagnetic analysis and I am sure would be a great reference for your study.

      You can download the model and go through it to understand how to setup an electromagnetic study.

      I can help you better and suggest which particular application example you need to refer,  if you please elaborate a bit more on your requirement, such as whether you want to perform a  pure electric or electromagnetic study etc.

      I suggest to start with example titled "Electromagnetic-Thermal Simulation of a Coil Inducing Eddy Currents in a Plate" which includes a full fledged frequency response magnetostatic analysis with AC current.

      Please have a look and do let me know what further assistance I may provide.

      PS: The query you referred to has the working model in the last response. Please scroll down and download it if you want to look at it.

      Thanks & Regards,


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