How to simulation to plot eddy current density on magnets of axial flux motor

    • phuonganhlovely.me

      hi everyone!

      i am using EDT to simulation of axial flux motor ( 1 stator inside and two rotor outside), i want to plot the eddy current density on magnets but i can find out video or materials to guide this problem. can you help me point out step how to to it? 

      thank you so much.

      my model


      my desire result i want to plot as show in below figure.

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi phuonganhlovely,

      Check the following before you run the simulation.

      1. Make sure the magnet properties have a non-zero conductivity assigned
      2. Turn on the eddy effect for the magnets Maxwell3D>Excitations>set eddy effect



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