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How to snap geometry in layout

    • dwightb

      After exporting a physical circuit from the Filter Design Wizard in HFSS the geometry in the Layout Editor is not connected according to the schematic as shown below.

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      May I know which version of AEDT are you using?
      The Filter design wizard is very old.
      Please update to the latest version and I would recommend you to use "Filter Solution" pack which is more advanced.
      All the very best Praneeth.
    • dwightb


      I am using Release 19.0.0

      Upgrading to the lastest version seems to be drastic solution given the cost of said upgrade.

      I am posting the solution for the benefit of others who may have the same question.

      As shown below, with all the geometry highlighted, select Draw>Align MW Ports

      or enter Ctrl+M



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