How to solve 2D Dynamic Mesh Negative Cell Volume Issue?


    • rotedodge

      Hello All,

      I am new to using Fluent 2D CFD, and have gotten stuck at a similar place in every attempt I make at a 2D rotating turbine simulation. I am able to create a working simulation for a static system, but once I introduce dynamic meshing, the calculations stop due to negative cell volume.

      I researched this problem and found that many recommendations are to change the mesh size and type. I have tried many different solutions similar to this, and I do not believe this is where my issue lies.

      I have reduced this problem to the fact that the mesh at the interface between the turbine and surrounding area, which are 2 separate objects, does not rotate with the inner turbine mesh. This causes the mesh to fail once the turbine begins rotating.

      The attached an image to show the inner mesh after the calculations fail due to negative mesh cell volume.

      I can provide images of my settings as necessary, but at this point I'm unsure which ones would be relevant to this issue.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Have a look at the mixing tank tutorial in the Help system. You probably want to look at a sliding mesh which just moves the cell zone rather than dynamic mesh which changes the mesh based on what's going on. n
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