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General Mechanical

How to solve a Maximum and Minimum Von-Mises Stress in the beam with my scoped bodies

    • maxwars123

      Hello everyeone.I've some question to solve Von-Mises Stress in wide flanged beam.Can I solve Von-Mises Stress to find Maximum and minimum stress in Scoped body (Sky blue body) and How? 

    • peteroznewman

      You have solved the model and plotted the von-Mises stress for All Bodies. The Min and Max are showing at the end.

      How many bodies are in the model?  If there is just one, and you want to know the stress in the center portion, there are several ways to do that.

      For a visual way, you can grab the line in the legend between red and orange and drag it down. That will reassign colors as you drag it down. You can also click on the number next to that line and type in a specific value.

      To get the Max flag to show up in the middle, you can create a Named Selection of elements in the middle 50% of the length, and plot the von Mises Stress on the Named Selection.

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