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How to solve mesh artifacts, obtain reaction forces and contact penalty

    • Alexandre Neto


      When using solid elements to mesh each of the 12 layers of composite I am simulating that is subjected to a low-velocity impact, in section view the mesh goes crazy like in the picture. It almost disappears when impacted, but this only happens when using this mesh element. How can I solve this? 

      Also, I want to obtain the impact force caused by the impactor to then plot a Force vs Displacement graph. What is the best method? I have tried bndout but it says "file has no information to be found", and spcforc has forces = 0. 

      As for the contact, my impactor is visually surpassing the outmost layer. Is there any setting to solve this? 


    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee



      I'll talk about the contact penetration problem.

      To decrease pentration, increase contact stiffness.

      cheers, ram 


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