how to solve micro channel heat sink with symmetry boundary condition?

    • maheshpallikonda

      could you please explain how to take symmetry boundary condition


      The fluid flow and heat transfer simulations have been carried

      out using commercial CFD tool, ANSYS CFX 14.5. The

      coolant used in the experiments is water and the same is used

      in CFD studies for validation and parametric studies. A single

      phase laminar fluid flow and heat transfer analysis is carried

      out. Continuum flow is assumed inside the micro heat exchanger.

      The flow field and heat transfer characteristics through the

      micro channel heat sink are obtained by solving the threedimensional

      governing equations namely the following: continuity

      for conservation of mass, Navier-Stokes equation for

      conservation of momentum and energy equation. Fluid

      domain of water and solid domain of micro-channel heat sink

      are meshed separately and proper interface is defined in

      ANSYS CFX Pre for capturing the flow physics. The meshing

      of fluid and solid domains is carried out in ICEMCFD tool

      using blocking methodology. Only one fluid channel and two

      solid domains, each half on either side of the fluid domain,

      are considered in the analysis and the entire model with 122

      channels is not simulated. Symmetry boundary condition is

      applied on either side of the solid domains of the MCHS



    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Mahesh,

      You can search in Youtube" on simulation of heat transfer and fluid flow in heat sink using ANSYS FLUENT". You will get the right tutorial which explains step by step procedure from geometry to post processing.
      Please note that the tutorial is not prepared by ANSYS.

      Hope you get the right tutorial and helpful to you.


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