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How to solve ‘OnRefreshTransferData failed!’ issue?

    • XianCheng Meng

      This problem happened when I want to update or transfer geometry from 'Geometry' block to 'Maxwell 2D' block in workbench. The below figure show the error note.

      However, this problem only happened when I enable parameters. If disable parameters, the third line 'Parameters' of block A and 'Parameter set' block will disappear, and I can update or transfer geometry. 

      In addition, I use SOLIDWORKS to do parametric modeling, and reload the geometry in Workbench-Designmodeler. I tried to reInstall both ANSYS and ANSYS EM, even reInstalled Windows, it's not useful.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      So assuming you are using commercial/university license, as the solidworks interface is not supported with free student version, can you please check if small parametric cube/rectangle transfers well to DesignModeler and Mesh?


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