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How to solve viscoelastic materials like rubber in material designer module?



      The viscoelastic test data from Mcalibration tool is implemented into the hyperelastic material property of a specific rubber used to develop the composite, Implementation of Neo-Hookean and Arruda Boyce material models were used but was not reflected in the material designer workbench.

      The observed result from linear elastic materials showed that only linear elastic study can only conducted in the material designer. Therefore, it is not possible to study without young’s modulus or Poisson ratio, thus not able to study Hyper – viscoelastic material like rubber not adhering to Hook’s law.

      Thus the ability to study Hyperelastic, vicoelastic material that needs experimental data input was not found.

      Can anyone suggest a way to overcome this issue?

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      With beta switch ON, it is possible to include nonlinear stress-strain data.  However, this is still rate independent and probably limited to small strain.  Could you model the composite nonlinear material behaviors more discretely with a layered SOLID18x or SHELL181?  

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